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Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 is a course designed to provide teachers in children’s ministry with basic helps and teaching tools for guiding saved children in the systematic process of spiritual growth. The course is centered on the principle that true teaching of the Word of God produces change.

Although the focus of TCE Level 2 is on the saved child, a strong evangelistic emphasis is also presented. As a TCE 2 student, you will learn to write clear lesson objectives based on the needs of the saved child and to teach a narrative Bible lesson with these objectives in view. You will also learn to be consistent in teaching the message of salvation in the Bible passage as well as in the class hour. You will gain skills that will enable you to offer practical help to children as they establish and develop a personal relationship with God. You will be required to participate in five practical, real-world teaching opportunities with children in the context of a Good News Club®/5-Day Club® setting, applying the  knowledge gained in the course.

We assume students in this course:

  • Believe children can come to know Christ as their personal Savior at an early age.
  • Believe children should be given an opportunity to respond to the message of salvation.
  • Believe salvation must be the starting point before spiritual growth can take place.
  • Will meet with a designated and approved proctor in order to complete two required practicums during the course.
  • Will teach children in approved locations for their real-world teaching experiences.

Reese Kauffman, president of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc., recognizes the value of the training you will receive in this online course. You will be blessed by the words of encouragement he shares with you in this short video clip!

Feel free to share your prayer requests and answers to prayer with the rest of the class throughout the course.

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