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Week 9 Real-world Teaching Assignment

Complete your fourth Real-world Teaching Assignment (The Wordless Book or an evangelistic Scripture Memory Verse or an evangelistic Song), and then download this Record of Real-world Teaching Assignments document. Or better yet, add your Week 9 information to the same document that you used to record your Week 6, 7, and 8 information, and complete the Week 9 section. Be sure to save this document to your computer so that you can submit it!
IMPORTANT NOTE: If your real-world teaching setting requires that you teach a Scripture Memory Verse other than the one you developed and taught for your Scripture Memory Verse Practicum, be sure to have that verse approved by your online instructor first! You also need to be sure that the song you teach for your real-world teaching is evangelistic.

After you have completed your Real-world Teaching for Week 9 and entered the Week 9 information on the Record of Real-world Teaching document, save the document to your computer using the following pattern: Last Name. First Name, Assignment Title. Upload this document to the course using the Assignments block below. Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM Central Time.