Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Week 8 Reading

Read all of the following sections of notes found in your Understanding Today’s Child student manual (behind the Different Religious Backgrounds tab) that you did not read in Week 7 of this course:

  • Teaching the Muslim Child pages 1-8 AND Evangelizing the Muslim child pages 1-20
  • Teaching the Mormon Child pages 1-3 and Mormon Words and Terms pages 1-16
  • Teaching the Jehovah’s Witness Child pages 1- 4
  • Teaching the Hindu/Buddhist Child pages 1-4

You will want to take additional notes as you read. These notes will help you as you respond to your classmates’ forum posts this week.

A supplemental podcast featuring Dr. James Emery White is provided below. This podcast explores two American-born religions (Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses), both starting in the 1800s.