Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Week 7 Reading

In your Understanding Today’s Child student manual, read the notes found behind the Different Religious Backgrounds tab:

  • Teaching the Roman Catholic Child with the Gospel pages 1-6,
  • Reaching the Roman Catholic Child with the Gospel pages 1-25, and
  • Secular Humanism pages 1-4.

    Also, choose to read one of the following:
  • Teaching the Muslim Child pages 1-8 and Evangelizing the Muslim child pages 1-20
  • Teaching the Mormon Child pages 1-3 and Mormon Words and Terms pages 1-16
  • Teaching the Jehovah’s Witness Child pages 1-4
  • Teaching the Hindu/Buddhist Child pages 1-4

    (Your choice for additional reading should correspond with the project that you will be completing. You will want to take additional notes as you read. These notes will help you as you work on the Different Religious Backgrounds Group Project.)