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Video Class Sessions: Designing Visuals and Using Puppets Effectively Copy

Student notes for the following video class sessions are provided in the Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism student manual. You may want to take additional notes as you listen. Feel free to watch the video as many times as you would like and to use the controls to move through the presentations at your own pace.

In the Designing Visuals video class session, you will learn how to design visual aids that will enhance your teaching. Updated graphics files (more than what can fit on a single CD) are available for you to download as part of your course materials. These graphics will be helpful to you as you develop visuals for your course assignment. Click here to access the files on Box. You will be able to access these files from now until the end of this course. Feel free to download these files to your computer for future use by following these instructions:

  • Follow the above link, then click the “Download” button in the top right-hand corner of the Box screen that appears. You may need to click out of a green banner or a notification that pops up asking you to log in to Box; you don’t need to log in or have a box account – you can just “x” out of this option and download the files. More than likely, the files will go to your “Downloads” folder in your computer and download as a zip file.
  • After downloading the “CEF Graphics” folder, we suggest renaming the folder to include the current semester (Fall or Spring) and year you took this course, so you have a point of reference for later for your own personal use.
  • On your honor, we are asking that you don’t share this link with anyone else unless they have specifically paid for this course. These graphics, photos, etc. are specifically for your own personal ministry usage.

The following video class session will help you to understand how to properly use puppets in ministry to children.