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Understanding Today’s Child Week 8 Forum Discussion: Personal Growth

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to analyze and describe your personal growth throughout the course. Read the following sets of questions. Choose one set of questions and thoughtfully assess your experience. Be specific.

  • Think about some important moments during the course: good moments, bad moments, crises or turning points. Describe two of these and tell what you learned from each of these moments. How did the learning you experienced during the course affect you personally? How did it affect your ministry? How do you see what you learned continuing to impact you personally after the course? How do you see it continuing to impact your ministry?
  • Describe how your attitudes, feelings, and approach to teaching kids in age-appropriate ways, ministering to at-risk children, and sharing the Gospel with children from other religious backgrounds have changed during this course. How did this change affect you personally? How did it affect your ministry? What effect do you think these experiences will continue to have on you personally? How will they continue to affect your ministry?
  • Describe your greatest area of learning in this course as well as what you still need to learn or improve upon in the future. How did what you learned during this course affect you personally? How did what you learned in this course affect your ministry? What is your plan to improve or learn more in the areas that need to be strengthened?

This entire post should be 200-300 words.

Post your answers (200-300 words) in the Week 8 Forum by Friday at 11:55 PM (Central Time).

Return to the Week 8 Forum (via the link at the bottom of this page) after Friday, and respond (75-100 words) to at least two posts written by your classmates. Include references to course content if appropriate.

Your responses (75-100 words each) need to be posted to the Week 8 Forum by 11:55 PM Monday (Central Time).