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Understanding Today’s Child Week 7 Forum: Children of Different Religions Project Discoveries

Determine which religious group will be the focus of your project. In a few short paragraphs:

  • Tell why you chose the religious group that you did for your project.
  • Summarize the three most exciting discoveries that you made in your research regarding this religion.
  • Explain how these discoveries can be directly applied to your ministry.

Referencing course content and/or research is required. This entire post should be 200-300 words.

Post your answers (200-300 words) in the Week 7 Forum by Friday at 11:55 PM (Central Time).

Return to the Week 7 Forum (via the link at the bottom of this page) after Friday, and respond (75-100 words) to at least two posts written by your classmates in a way that will stimulate their thinking. Include references to course content in at least two of your responses.

Your responses (75-100 words each, including references to course content) need to be posted to the Week 5 Forum by 11:55 PM Monday (Central Time).