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Time Management Journal Entry Copy

Reflect on your current time management as it pertains to the course content and your completed time management evaluations. First, pray and ask God to guide you in making changes as you try to improve management of your time. Download the Time Management Journal Entry form below. Compose a journal entry that addresses all of the following:

  • Discuss your time management strengths and weaknesses. Include personal accounts and provide reasons or examples to support your conclusions.
  • Develop a plan that will promote your development as a Christian leader.
    • Review The Essential Guide to Writing SMART Goals as needed.
    • Establish one strategic goal that focuses on time management and meets the smart goal criteria. The goal should be able to be accomplished during the next year, and it should promote your development as a Christian leader in an area that you identified as a weakness in your entry. (Note: Be sure to write your goal in one sentence and that all the SMART criteria are met in that one sentence. Example: I am going to read one book a month on children and/or family ministry over the next 12 months and take notes to develop a vision and framework for our children’s ministry.)
    • Explain how this goal will be achieved by identifying key measurable activities that will help you become more effective in this area.
    • Describe how you will know that you have made progress toward your goal and how you will know when you have achieved it.
    • Include reasons why you selected this goal.
    • Describe how development in this area will benefit you and your ministry in the future. Be specific.

Be sure to refer to the journal rubric – located in the Grading Policies and Information section of the course –  before composing and submitting your entry. Provide substantial interaction between your thoughts and the course content. Referencing course content and/or other resources is required. (Minimum – three references) Use the CMI citation guide – found in the Course Planning Documents section of the course – to properly cite your sources.

This journal entry should be 600 – 800 words.

Once you have completed your journal entry form, save it on your computer and submit it using the Assignments block below. This needs to be submitted by Monday at 11:55 PM Central Time.