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The Main Teaching (Bible Lesson Session 4 and Assignment 4)

Watch the video class session on The Main Teaching and follow along with the corresponding notes in your TCE Level 2 Student Manual beginning on page 71. Feel free to watch the video as many times as you would like and to use the controls to move through the presentations at your own pace.

The following worksheet includes a list of main biblical principles. Write a main teaching in a child-related statement for each.

Bible Lesson Assignment 4

1.  Think about the main biblical principle found in your Bible passage and the needs of the saved children in your class. Using the same “Working On the Bible Lesson” worksheet you used for Assignments 2 and 3:
     a. Write your main teaching in a brief, child-related statement for the saved child.
     b. Write your objective. What do you desire for the children to do as a result of this lesson?
     c. Write “MT” in the margin of your outline where you discovered the problem and solution in the story.

2.  Complete the “Developing the Main Teaching” worksheet provided in Week 2. When completing this assignment, please keep your main biblical principle from Assignment 3 in mind as you write your main teaching statement and the objective. Each Bible lesson assignment is built off the previous Bible lesson assignments. Do not refer to the Bible lesson curriculum to complete any of these assignments. You are developing your own lesson.

When complete, upload your worksheets in the Assignments block below. 
Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM, Central Time.