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Lesson 10, Topic 1
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Teaching Children from Other Religions Assignment

For your oral presentation you will have 15 minutes. Give an overview of the religion, basic beliefs of their faith, Scripture the refutes the error and practical teaching tools and/or helps for the children in Good News Club.

If you are using a PowerPoint presentation or video, you will need to download that onto the desktop of the computer in the classroom. Sign in under: CMIstudent and use the password, Godisgood13 to log in.

Download the instructions for the assignment. Please read and follow the instructions as you complete your assignment. The assignment is due Friday by 7:30 AM CT. 

Choose and download a template from the options listed below to record your information. 

Examples are provided to help you with this assignment. 

This rubric shows how the Children of Different Religions assignment grade is determined. 

After you have completed the Teaching Children from Other Religions assignment with your team, be sure to save a copy on your computer. Choose one member to upload the assignment for the group. Be sure all team members’ names are on the first page of the assignment. Be sure to use the following pattern: CM204TCR.first initial last name. (e.g. CM204TCE.jandrews). You may upload the completed document using the Assignments Block below. Please submit by Friday at 7:30 AM Central Time.