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TCE 2 Week 3 Forum Discussion: Christian Conduct Issues You Have Seen in Saved Children

Think of some ways you have observed saved children struggling with undesirable behavior, attitudes or habits. What truth from God’s Word might be used to encourage them with godly conduct? Your answer to this question (in 200-300 words) needs to be posted to the forum no later than 11:55 PM Central Time Friday. 

Please post (200-300 words) to the Week 3 Forum discussion by 11:55 PM Friday (Central Time).

Return to the Week 3 Forum (via the link at the bottom of this page) after Friday, and respond (50-100 words) to at least two posts written by your classmates.

Your responses (50-100 words) need to be posted to the Week 3 Forum by 11:55 PM Monday (Central Time).