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Series Overview

Welcome! We’re excited to introduce to you the updated Good News Club® series called, “God’s Faithfulness: Return to Canaant”. Be sure to watch the series overview below to learn more about the great features of this revised series. The Bible lesson and song demonstrations can be viewed at any time. 

These Bible lesson demonstration videos are intended to assist both new and experienced teachers with lesson preparation. For this reason, each lesson is demonstrated using the basic CEF standards for Bible lessons while also incorporating a wide variety of ideas and teaching methods not necessarily mentioned in the lesson text.  With so many exciting ideas packed inside, these demonstration videos may be longer than a typical Bible lesson. You do not have to use every idea presented in each demonstration. As you watch the videos, prayerfully consider which ideas and teaching methods will work best for your teaching situation.

You will find the link below to access the Series Overview presentation. Feel free to watch it as many times as you would like and to use the controls to move through the presentation at your own pace. A dial-up connection is not suggested.