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Section 4-B Forum: Real-world Discipleship Presentation Reports Copy

After developing your Christian growth teaching project, use it to disciple a Generation Z child or group of children in a real-world setting. Be sure that your prayer team is praying for this discipleship opportunity! Post a summary (350-500 words) of that real-world evangelism experience. Include a brief description of your discipleship project, the real-world setting, the number of children included, and any significant results. Was the Christian growth teaching project effective? Would you make any changes before implementing this project again?  If you are willing to share your Christian growth (discipleship) project with your classmates, please upload it to the Forum.

Please post your Real-World Discipleship Project Summary to the Section 4-B Forum by 11:55 PM  (Central Time) on the third Friday of Section 4.

Return to the Section 4-B Forum after the third Friday of Section 4, and read all of your classmate’s original posts.

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ original posts by 11:55 PM (Central Time) no later than the third Monday of Section 4.

Respond to at least two original real-world discipleship summary posts. Ask questions, make suggestions, provide encouragement, and look for other ways of engagement that will encourage in-depth learning from this experience. Your response should include 100-200 words. Be sure to respond to all replies and questions related to your original post, as well.