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Section 2-B Forum: Generation Z Interview Reports

Review the information gathered in the interviews you conducted with Generation Z children this week. Note trends that you see in this age group that may differ from the Generation Z characteristics identified in Section 1 of this course. Identify and discuss the worldview(s) of the children interviewed (300-500 words). 

Post a summary of your Interviews in the Section 2-B Forum by 11:55 PM  (Central Time) no later than the third Tuesday of Section 2.

Return to the Section 2-B Forum after the third Tuesday of Section 2, and read all original posts. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ original posts (150-250 words) Challenge your classmates to an in-depth conversation!

Respond to two classmates’ original Section 2-B Forum posts by 11:55 PM (Central Time) no later than the third Monday of Section 2.

Be sure to reply to all responses posted to your original post, as well!