Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Section 1-B Forum: Book Summaries Copy

After reading your Section 1 book, post a summary (350-500 words) of that book. Include a few of the points that stood out to you. Do you agree or disagree with these points? Why? Be sure to include the name of the book in your post. Refer to specific pages in the book by including the page number in parenthesis following your discussion of the content on that page. If you quote the author, be sure that you use quotation marks to denote the quote.

Please post your Book Summary to the Section 1-B Forum by 11:55 PM  (Central Time) on the third Tuesday of Section 1.

Return to the Section 1-B Forum after the third Tuesday of Section 1, and read all of your classmate’s original posts. Respond to at least one of the original posts that summarize each of the books that you were not assigned to read–a total of two required posts. Ask questions, make comparisons, and look for other ways of engagement that will encourage in-depth learning. Both of these posts are to include 100-200 words. Be sure to respond to all replies and questions related to your original post, as well.

Respond to two classmates’ original posts by 11:55 PM (Central Time) by the third Monday of Section 1.