Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Section 1-A Forum: Introduction

This initial discussion will help you feel connected with your classmates in the learning community. You may post your introduction to the forum as soon as you have access to the course. It is due no later than Friday of the first week of the course. Write a few paragraphs about yourself (200-300 words). Include where you live, how you are involved in children’s ministry, your motivation for taking this course, and a brief description of the make-up of your prayer team (without including individual’s names). You can even add an optional selfie by selecting the image icon and following the prompts! This is not a graded assignment but it will help to connect you with your classmates and prepare you for future forum discussions. 

Please post your Introduction to the Section 1-A Forum by 11:55 PM  (Central Time) of the first Friday of Section 1.

Return to the Section 1-A Forum after the first Friday, and respond (50-100 words) to at least two original classmates’ posts.

Respond to two classmates’ original posts by 11:55 PM (Central Time) on the first Monday of Section 1.

Be sure to reply to all responses posted to your original post, as well!