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Proctor/Practicum Information

The Children’s Ministries Institute utilizes practicums as an assessment mechanism in many of its courses. These practicums enable students to put into practice the course theory in a controlled environment before using the methods with children in a classroom or one-on-one setting.

This practicum process parallels the process used for on campus students and will ensure the academic integrity of the practicum time for online students. In online courses, outside proctors must be secured that can observe these student practicums and provide feedback to the online instructor.

Proctors can assume that this party club observation will take two hours of their time from start to finish. This includes both observing the student presentation as well as filling out and submitting the associated paperwork.

Arrangements for the day and time of the party club will need to be made. The student will contact you to make these arrangements.

Use this document to see which student you will be proctoring.

For Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism, one observation time will be required. This observation must take place during week nine of the student’s course. While it should be at a time that is convenient for both the proctor and student, it is recommended that it be completed towards the end of each week. This will give the student ample time to practice.

Needed Observation Time:

  • Party Club – March 9-15, 2021

More details for this observation may be located by going to the Party Club Observation Explanation section of the course. Be sure to read the instructions, watch the video and download the needed form prior to the party club observation time.

Proctors may charge a $10 fee for each observation time that is proctored in order to off-set any expenses that may occur. This payment should be worked out with the student at the beginning of the course. The Children’s Ministries Institute will not be responsible for paying proctor fees.