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Party Club Lesson Outline Copy

During your Party Club, you will teach an evangelistic lesson. It will be either a doctrinal or topical lesson. The method of developing a topical or doctrinal lesson was explained in the Evangelistic Bible Lessons video presentation. You will need to prepare a lesson outline to use while teaching the Party Club lesson. The way you prepare this outline is similar to how you learned to prepare an outline in the Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 course, yet a little different since most Party Club lessons are either topical or doctrinal (rather than biblical narratives). Here are some helps to guide you in the process of preparing your Party Club teaching outline:

Read the information about the lesson found in the Party Club lesson manual (i.e. emphasis for the unsaved; emphasis for the saved; the memory verse, etc). This information is located at the beginning of the lesson text.

  1. Look up and read the Scripture verses that correspond with the lesson.
  2. Read the lesson text two or three times to become familiar with the story. Take special note of the message of salvation and saved child applications written in the text. (These are usually found in the gray boxes.)
  3. Familiarize yourself with the visuals, and prepare your lesson.
  • Prepare the outline you will use while teaching. Prepare this outline in such a way that it will be the most helpful for you to use while teaching. A sample outline is provided as a model.
  • Use the lesson manual to guide you in writing out the story events.
  • If outlining a flashcard lesson, write three to four facts about each flashcard scene.
  • Write a link into the message of salvation or saved child applications. Following the link, include keywords and verse references to remind you about what to teach in each application. 
  • Following the guidelines you learned in Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 and the updates in the Giving an Invitation and Counseling children for Salvation video class session, write out your invitation word-for-word and include it with your submitted outline. 

Lesson tips:
Prepare your outline on a piece of paper that is folded in half so it is not cumbersome but is handy to use while teaching. You don’t want to draw attention to the outline but to the visuals and the Bible.

Keep your outline close to you while teaching. If the storyline of the lesson does not come directly from the Bible, avoid placing the outline in your Bible and holding the Bible open as you tell the story. Since most Party Club lessons are not biblical narratives, it may be best to pick up and open your Bible only when you are teaching spiritual application truths or reading Scripture. You don’t want to give the children the false idea that the story itself is actually recorded in the Bible.

You may use the template below to help you develop an outline for your evangelistic lesson. It is formatted so that you can fold and place it in your Bible for easy reference. 

When you satisfied with your Party Club lesson outline, upload the outline in the Assignments block below.

Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM.