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Christmas Party Club Demonstration: God Keeps His Promises!

Listen and watch the video presentation below carefully so you can get helpful ideas on how to teach and interact with the children at your Christmas Party Club™.
Try to answer the following questions as you watch:

  • How is the theme carried throughout the party?
  • How is the first song taught?
  • Where were the truths of the message of salvation presented in the lesson?
  • What was taught about sin in the lesson?
  • What was taught about God’s love in the lesson?
  • What was taught about the person and work of Christ in the lesson?
  • How is the memory verse taught?
  • How did team members help each other?
  • How were the children encouraged to participate and be involved in the teaching?

The document below is provided as a tool to help you focus on effective methods of teaching a song and a memory verse. It will also help you to see how the message of salvation truths can be taught throughout a Bible lesson. You may want to pause the video several times as you write your answers on the worksheet.

The following video was recorded on November 13, 2023, at the Child Evangelism Fellowship® International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri (USA) to help prepare staff members to teach Christmas Party Clubs. We trust that the ideas presented in this training and demonstration will also help YOU with YOUR Christmas Party Club outreach!