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Mentor Meeting #2 Copy

Interaction with effective godly leaders is one thing that can help you develop your leadership skills. This week you will have a second opportunity to meet with your mentor to discuss final changes to your personal leadership development plan.

If meeting arrangements have not already been made, contact your mentor early this week to make an appointment for your discussion so that the assignment can be completed on time.

During this meeting:

Ask your mentor

  • What are some things that you feel help you to be an effective communicator in the areas of speaking, listening and/or non-verbal communication?
  • Would you describe a conflict in your church and/or ministry without using names and explain how you effectively managed the conflict?
  • How do you maintain a consistent and dynamic devotional life?
  • What are the most beneficial tips that you could provide about managing your time most effectively?


  • What God has been teaching you and what you have learned in the areas of interpersonal relationships, spiritual gifts, communication, conflict management, time management, and your devotional life.
  • The seven goals and the key measurable activities that you have identified so far in the course that will help you become a more effective and godly leader.

Assess with your mentor

  • Are these goals practical and can they realistically be achieved during the next year? If not, discuss how they can be modified.


  • A plan with your mentor so that he/she can help you to be accountable to complete your commitment to fulfill these goals over the next year.

Due: This needs to be done by Friday at 11:55 pm Central Time.