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Lesson 10, Topic 1
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Memorization of Scripture Assignment

This assignment will help to ensure that you know the following key verses:

  • Lamentations 2:19
  • Matthew 18:6, 14
  • Mark 10:14

Download the Scripture Memory Worksheet to write out your verses from memory. Verses may be memorized one at a time and written on the template. Be sure to indicate which version of the Bible is being used. Submit the verses when you have completed writing all four. Be sure to save the document. This assignment is due on the first Thursday of the module.

After you have completed the Scripture Memorization assignment, be sure to save a copy on your computer. Be sure to use the following pattern: CM205TCCMV.first initial last name (e.g. CM205TCCMV.jandrews). You may upload the completed document using the Assignments Block below. Please submit by the first Thursday of the module by 7:30 AM Central Time.