Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Evangelistic Bible Lesson Practicum Preparedness Form (Teaching Teacher)

All Bible lesson assignments will be submitted online. Download the worksheets provided for each assignment and complete the work on your computer. All homework is due by 11:59 PM on its due date. 

Teaching Teachers on Thursday, complete and submit this on Wednesday evening. 

Teaching Teachers on Friday, complete and submit this on Thursday evening. 

To prepare for your evangelistic Bible Lesson Practicum, practice your presentation as you will give it tomorrow. 

Use the “Practicum Preparedness Form” you downloaded for the Gospel Tool practicum to complete your assignment. Save your work using the following pattern: Last Name, First Name. Assignment Name (e.g., Andrews, Joy. Teacher Practicum Preparedness Form.) The assignment is due as noted above. Submit the completed document using the Assignments Block below. 

The grade for your Bible Lesson Practicum will be assigned by your evaluator and the grade will appear in connection with this assignment. The grading rubric is found on the Bible Lesson Evaluation Sheet showing how the practicum grade is determined.