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Evangelistic Bible Lesson Practicum Assignment Copy

This document is the Evangelistic Bible Lesson Observation Sheet that your proctor will use while observing your practicum. Feel free to refer to it as you practice your presentation in preparation for your practicum.

Complete your Evangelistic Bible Lesson Practicum.

Complete your Evangelistic Bible Lesson Practicum and then download and complete this Practicum Completion Form. Be sure to save this document to your computer so that you can submit it!

After you have presented your evangelistic Bible lesson to your Proctor, you may upload your Practicum Completion Form using the Assignment block below. Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM, Central Time. 

The grade for your Evangelistic Bible Lesson practicum will be determined by your online instructor based on your proctor’s observations. This grading guide shows how the practicum grade is determined.