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Leadership Essentials is a course that focuses on you as a leader in ministry who is constantly growing and maturing in your walk with the Lord and with others. Before we begin let’s review the requirements necessary for the successful completion of Leadership Essentials. We will also discuss the rationale and examine the expected learning outcomes.

Course Requirements

This course requires two meetings with a mentor designed to provide you with a greater understanding of biblical principles and the qualities necessary for you to be an effective Christian leader. You must choose your mentor before the course begins.

Leading a ministry is more than an activity. It is being! To a large extent, the success of any ministry depends on the leader. It is necessary for those already involved in ministry, or those considering it, to examine biblical principles for leadership and the personal qualities essential for being a good leader. Emphasis is placed on building relationships, managing your time, developing your communication skills, and addressing conflict as necessary for effective ministry.

Instructional Methods
Individual assignments and community forum discussions allow you to interact with the curriculum on both a personal and interpersonal level. During the course, you will meet with a mentor who will help you understand the qualities necessary for effective leadership and develop your own personal leadership development plan.

Learning Outcomes
Throughout this course you will:

  • Discuss leadership topics in the forum.
  • Examine your personal leadership development as it relates to the weekly course content. Include reflective summaries in your online journal assignments.
  • Create a personal leadership development plan designed to promote your development as a Christian leader over the next year.

Reese Kauffman, president of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc., recognizes the value of the training you will receive in this online course. You will be blessed by the words of encouragement he shares with you in this short video clip!

Feel free to share your prayer requests and answers to prayer with the rest of the class throughout the course.

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