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Course Overview

Course Learning Outcomes

By the conclusion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Discuss God’s view of children and the child’s need to know Christ as Savior.
  • Understand the foundational truths necessary for a person to trust in Christ as Savior.
  • Identify and explain key verses used in teaching the Romans Road.
  • Articulate the truths of the message of salvation on a child’s level.
  • Clearly present the Romans Road following the procedures given in this course.

Course Layout

With these thoughts in mind, you need to understand how this course is designed for maximum learning.

Week 1: Session 1 presents an overview of the foundational truths of the Gospel, reviews the message of salvation and helps you to appreciate anew your own salvation experience.

Weeks 1-2: Sessions 2—5 present a visual tool with detailed explanations of how you would teach each part of the Gospel to children. Brief demonstrations are given at the end of each session to provide a model for you to follow in presenting the Gospel. At the end of each session, you will be asked to practice that part of the presentation to solidify it in your own mind.

Week 2: Session 6 presents a video demonstration of the complete message of salvation using the Romans Road tool.

Week 3 includes an opportunity for you to present the Gospel to a child or group of children. 

You will be able to measure your competency in this course through your experience in presenting the Romans Road to a child or children as well as through forum discussions, taking a quiz and participating in an end of course survey.

Course Syllabus
The course syllabus can be downloaded and printed or saved. It will provide an overview of course expectations and assignments.

Student Handbook
This handbook contains explanations of all CMI Online administrative and academic policies. You should be aware of these as a student. Please read through the handbook so that you will know what is expected as you proceed through the course.

Forum Rubric
This document will help you to see how your forums will be graded.