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Children at Risk Summary Assignment

This assignment will benefit you as you learn more about children at risk and ways that you can minister to children and their families. First, you will choose one of these topics (divorce, abuse, natural disasters, or death) to research in-depth. Choose the topic that will be most beneficial to you in ministry. (Note: If there is another topic, such as long-term illness or homelessness, that would be more beneficial to you in your ministry, please submit that topic to your instructor by email for approval.)

Download the Children at Risk Summary form below. Using the information from the Week 5 reading and lectures, compose a short summary for each section. Include only the information that will be specifically helpful to you in your ministry area. Outside references are not required, but please remember to use in-text citations for at least three references drawn from the course content. Refer to the Children at Risk Summary Grading Rubric before submitting your assignment.

After completing your Children at Risk Summary Form, save the document to your computer using the following pattern: Last Name. First Name, Assignment Title. Upload this document to the course using the Assignments block below. Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM Central Time.