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Lesson 10, Topic 1
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Theology of Child Conversion/Biblical Basis of Child Conversion Essay

Download the instructions below for all of the Theology of Child Conversion assignments. Please read and follow the instructions as you complete your assignments taking note of each due date. 

Download and save the Psalm 78 worksheet onto your device to use in class on Tuesday of the first week. Do not print the worksheet.

This assignment will help you articulate what the Scripture teaches about child conversion. Carefully read the requirements for this assignment, taking note of the word counts for each answer. You are required to use outside sources for this assignment (class notes/lectures, required reading, and your own research). Due Tuesday by 7:30 AM Central Time, of the second week of the module.

Use this template to record your answers. Do not remove the questions. Be sure to save the changes often. 

This rubric shows how the assignment grade is determined.

An Essay Question Sample is provided for you to have a general idea of how the paper should be written. No portion may be copied and used in your own assignment.

After you have completed the Biblical Basis of Childhood Conversion assignment, be sure to save a copy on your computer. Be sure to use the following pattern: BBCC.first initial last name (e.g. BBCC.jandrews). You may upload the completed document using the Assignments Block below. Please submit by the second Tuesday of the module at 7:30 AM Central Time.