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Lesson 10, Topic 1
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Bible Lesson Assignment 4 – Developing the Main Teaching

All Bible lesson assignments will be submitted online. Download the worksheets provided for each assignment and complete the work on your computer. All homework is due by 7:30 AM on its due date.

Assignment 4 Developing the Main Teaching

Think about the main biblical principle found in your Bible passage and the needs of the saved children in your class.

Using the Working on the Bible Lesson worksheet used in assignments 2 and 3.

Write your main teaching in a brief, child-related statement for the saved child.

Write your objective. What do you desire for the children to do as a result of this lesson?

Write “MT” or use the downloaded symbols in the margin of your outline where you discovered the problem and solution in the story.

Be sure to save your work using the following pattern: TT402BL4. first initial last name. (e. g. TT402BL4.jandrews). The assignment is due Thursday at 7:30 AM Central Time. Submit the completed worksheet using the Assignments Block below.