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Assignment 2.1 Forum Discussion: Child Conversion Philosophies

Part 1:

Download and read the paper, Philosophy of Child Conversion. The posted article will provide additional insight into the theology of child conversion. You will want to read it carefully as you will be discussing content from the article on the forum.

Choose one of the philosophies concerning child conversion as cited in the paper, Philosophy of Child Conversion, and refute this view on the forum, using Scripture. Your answer should be 200-300 words.

Due: This assignment should be posted no later than Friday at 11:55 pm Central Time.

Part 2:

Write a response in the forum to at least two other students’ posts. Posting to the forum will enable you and your instructor to evaluate your progress in understanding the material. The forum also provides you an opportunity to interact with other class participants, allowing you to gain a broader perspective. In addition, the forum enables you to formulate and express your views regarding the material. Your response should be 70-100 words.

Due: This assignment should be posted no later than Monday at 11:55 pm Central Time.