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Welcome to Understanding Today’s Child! We are glad you have joined us for this module on campus!

Announcements that pertain to you for this module will be posted here. Be sure to check back regularly to be kept up to date with CMI happenings.

BEFORE Monday: This week you will have an option of either taking the Teaching LIttle Kids OR Teaching Adolescents classes. Consider which you have the least amount of experience with, what your role will be when you return home, and read the course descriptions in your student manual to determine which would be the best fit for you. The workload is the same in both. The Teaching Little Kids classes will be in the Zuraw classroom, and Teaching Adolescents will be in the Mr. Overholtzer classroom. Once you choose the class you need to attend that class each day. If you are here with someone from your local area, it is best if one of you attends each class to gain the most help.

Room inspections will be conducted on Monday for students who were here during the last module. Please be sure to clean and straighten your living area before you leave for classes on Monday.

This week announcements will be made at the end of the day.


Look for your work assignment in your email inbox. You have an assignment that you will be completing this week and the full details are spelled out in the email you received. If you did not receive an email, please check today with the RA, Beth Lamb, about your work assignment.

11:25 – 12:15 Proceed to the classroom for either Teaching Little Kids (Zuraw) or Teaching Adolescents (Mr. O)

Helpful website for Children from Different Religious Backgrounds

Tuesday: Tomorrow you will give your abbreviated testimony in the chapel service (2 minutes). Share your name, where you are from, a little about your salvation testimony, and what brought you to CMI. Give one prayer request. Be sure to practice ahead of time, timing yourself. Classes will begin at 9:35 AM in the Overholtzer classroom.

Wednesday: There will be no prayer time this morning. Be in your place in the auditorium at 7:50 AM for further instructions. After chapel, classes will begin at 9:35 in the Overholtzer Classroom.

The laminator will be on at lunch. (50 cents per running foot)

WOW (Wednesday of Worship) 5:45-6:30 PM in the Overholtzer classroom.

Age Group Characteristic skits will be in the first class session tomorrow. Practice with your team.

Thursday: Age Group Characteristic skits in class.

Finish working on Children of Different Religious Backgrounds group work and presentations for tomorrow. Each group will have 15 minutes to present their information.

Finish your course evaluation by 7:30 AM tomorrow.


Finish your course evaluation by 7:30 AM today.

Child of Different Religious Background presentations will be in the following order:  Roman Catholicism and Islam (11:25-12:15) Jehovah’s Witnesses (1:30)

After class – ALL CALL for students living in the dormitories. Report to the Overholtzer Classroom to receive work assignments for cleaning.

Student Fun Activity 6:00-8:00 PM in the dining room

Over the weekend, clean your room-room inspections will be on Monday. This is a working weekend. Finish your annotated bibliography assignment and observation paper. Both will be uploaded by 7:30 AM Monday. 

Please welcome the incoming students who join us on Saturday/Sunday.