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Faith Dugan


  • Faith is currently working toward a Doctorate in Educational Ministry through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MA in Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary (2006)
  • CEF Children’s Ministries Institute (Spring 1989)
  • Undergraduate studies at Bryan College, Tennessee Temple University & WV State College


Faith began serving full time with Child Evangelism Fellowship® in 1989.  The first 26+ years were with CEF of Greater New York City where she served as the Brooklyn Ministries Coordinator, then the Director of Training for the Greater New York City area.  She currently serves as a Leadership Training Instructor at the Children’s Ministries Institute in Warrenton, MO and as the CMI Online Director. 

Contact Information:

Email: f[email protected]

Phone: 636-456-4321, Ext. 1313 (during office hours)

Forum: You may also post questions and comments in the forum. Faith will be checking them regularly and will reply to you as quickly as possible. 

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Central Time

NOTE: If you do not receive prompt feedback (within 24 hours during the course or within 2 hours when an important assignment is due the same day) from your instructor, please contact the CMI Online team at [email protected].