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Welcome to the Romans Road for Children! Our course begins [ADD DATE].

Please take some time now to learn how to navigate the course and read the course syllabus and handbook (found in the Course Overview section of the course).

Before beginning any of your assignments, you should check to be sure your computer meets the technical requirements for this course. You can do that by by accessing the seminar From Scripture Smart to Heart. Try to download the notes and view the presentation in this seminar. If you succeed, you are ready to proceed with this course!

During the next three weeks you will learn how to use a simple tool to effectively share the message of salvation and lead children to Christ. This course will cover the rationale for leading children to Christ, foundational truths of the Gospel and how to express those truths in a child’s language.

Before we begin let’s talk about our rationale and some of our starting assumptions. Statistics show that approximately 1/3 of the world’s population is comprised of children under the age of 15. We also know that, according to researcher George Barna, the probability of accepting Christ as Savior is highest among children under age 14 (www.barna.org). God’s heart is that not one child should perish without Christ (Matthew 18:14). The evidence is clear—we have a great mission field before us!

We assume students in this course:

  • Believe children can come to know Christ as their personal Savior at an early age.
  • Believe children should be given an opportunity to respond to the message of salvation.
  • Believe salvation must be the starting point before spiritual growth can take place.

Reese Kauffman, president of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc., recognizes the value of the training you will receive in this online course. You will be blessed by the words of encouragement he shares with you in this short video clip!

Feel free to share your prayer requests for other students here. If you have any private prayer requests that you prefer not to share with the other students, please contact your online instructor. 

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