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Week 9 Coursework

The evangelistic Bible lesson is geared primarily for the unsaved child. But there will likely be saved children in your class, as well. Planning to address the saved child—even in an evangelistic Bible lesson—will challenge them to grow spiritually. Don’t neglect those young believers! You will determine where the application for the saved will best fit in your Bible lesson narrative, and what helps or steps to include. Trust God to guide you in this process.

This week you will be putting the finishing touches on the lesson you have been faithfully developing since Week 4 of this course. Next week you will have the opportunity to present the lesson to your proctor for evaluation. You have come a long way in this course! Keep up the good work!

Your assignments and activities for this week will be described below in the recommended order of completion. Be sure you complete the following assignments this week:

  • Confirm your Real-world Teaching time and location for this week if necessary.
  • If your instructor asked you to make corrections on your Bible Lesson Assignment 6, make those necessary changes and resubmit using the same assignment link used for the original assignment during Week 8 (Resubmission due by Friday).

Also, be sure to return to the Week 9 Forum to post responses to comments made by your classmates! At least two response posts are due by Monday at 11:55 PM, Central Time.