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Week 8 Coursework

An evangelistic Bible lesson is not complete if it does not include an opportunity to respond to the message of salvation truths. This week you will learn how to develop an invitation for the unsaved child. Bible Lesson Assignment 6 is not due until Monday, but you will want to be sure to give yourself plenty of time to think through this assignment.

You will also learn how to make good use of visual aids in your teaching, take a look at the overall Good News Club program, and see how it all comes together as you watch a Good News Club demonstration. Be sure to make note of your observations on page 91 of your student manual.

Your assignments and activities for this week will be described below in the recommended order of completion.

  • Confirm your Real-world Teaching time and location for this week if necessary.
  • If your instructor asked you to make corrections on your Bible Lesson Assignment 5, make those necessary changes and resubmit using the same assignment link used for the original assignment during Week 7 (Resubmission due by Friday).

Also, be sure to return to the Week 8 Forum to post responses to comments made by your classmates! At least two response posts are due by Monday at 11:55 PM, Central Time.