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Week 7 Coursework

Due to the growth of non-Christian religions around the world, the well-equipped children’s leader needs a basic understanding of how to teach children from different religious backgrounds. Weeks 7 and 8 will help you become familiar with the foundational beliefs of secular humanism, Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Mormonism.

This week, you will read information about Roman Catholicism, secular humanism, and one religion of your choice from the list. You will also compose a summary about a specific religion of your choice. This project will not only help you become familiar with the teachings of different religions as contrasted with Scripture, but you will also learn practical ways to create relationships with children of different religious backgrounds and ways that you can share the Gospel effectively. In addition, you will share in the forum exciting discoveries that you made during your research and how these discoveries can be directly applied in your ministry.