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Week 7 Coursework

You will be teaching in a real-world setting this week! As you pour your life and teaching into the lives of children, it’s important that you keep your own spiritual life full! In Weeks 7-12, you will be refreshed through the devotional sessions shared. This week’s devotional focuses on the child in the Old Testament. You will be helped to see parallels between the Old Testament child and the children you will minister to in today’s society.

You will also receive tips on using visual aids as you present your Bible lesson. Next week you will be teaching your assigned lesson to your proctor, so practical helps for that practicum, and also for your real-world teaching the following week will be provided. You will have the opportunity to see all of those tips and helps in action in a complete Good News Club demonstration. You may also participate in a live chat with your CMI Online instructor and classmates in preparation for your upcoming Bible lesson practicum and real-world teaching assignments. You have worked hard preparing to teach your Bible lesson! Trust God to teach it through you! Your coursework will be described below in the recommended order of completion.