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Week 6 Coursework

This week you will be completing your first Real-world Teaching Assignment! Be sure to pray that God will speak through you and your classmates. It will be exciting to hear how God answers prayer!

You will learn that the steps to teaching a song are the same as the steps for teaching a verse. Make plans to teach a song using the IPEAR method in an upcoming Real-World Teaching opportunity!

You will also be analyzing the Scripture passage for the evangelistic Bible lesson you are working to develop to determine where the message of salvation truths will be taught. Give yourself plenty of time to think through this step in preparing an evangelistic Bible lesson. You will also write an Introduction for your lesson. Don’t worry about linking the Introduction to the Progression of Events yet. That will come next week!

Your assignments and activities for this week will be described below in the recommended order of completion. Be sure that you complete the following assignments this week:

  • Confirm your Real-world Teaching time and location for this week if necessary.
  • If your instructor asked you to make corrections on your “Studying the Bible Passage” or “Working on the Bible Lesson” worksheet(s), make those necessary changes and resubmit using the same assignment link used for the original assignment during Week 5 (Resubmission due by Friday).