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Week 6 Copy

In this week, you will begin to understand basic principles for managing conflict in ministry by reading course material, viewing presentations, analyzing conflicts and evaluating your own personal leadership development as it relates to conflict management styles.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will describe, analyze and discuss conflict scenarios.
  2. The student will examine his or her own personal leadership development as it relates to use of conflict management styles posting a reflective summary in a journal entry.
  3. The student will create a plan related to use of conflict management styles that will promote his or her development as a Christian leader posting the plan in a journal entry.

Week at a Glance

Course Content

  • Read Part 1-2 of The Peacemaker. 
  • Watch Managing Conflict Parts 1 – 5 and take notes


  • Post a description and an analysis of a conflict in the forum.
  • Complete Conflict Management Style Survey.
  • Reflect upon the results of the Conflict Management Style Survey.
  • Post a reflective summary of your strongest and weakest conflict management styles along with a plan that will strengthen your weakest conflict management style in a journal entry.
  • Respond to at least two other students’ posts in the forum.