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Week 4 Copy

In this week, you will continue to learn more of the qualities essential for effective Christian leadership. At the beginning of this week, you will have the opportunity to meet with your mentor. After this meeting, you will discuss outcomes of this meeting with other participants in the forum. Additionally this week, you will learn how God works through personalities. Also, you will organize your thoughts about your interpersonal relationship skills in a journal entry.

Each teaching session includes an online presentation. Student notes are found in your Leadership Essentials manual.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will discuss in the forum important leadership skills shared during the meetings with mentors.
  2. The student will examine his or her own personal leadership development as it pertains to interpersonal relationships posting a reflective summary in a journal entry.
  3. The student will formulate a plan which relates to the course content in this module that will promote his/her development as a Christian leader posting the plan in a journal entry .
  4. The student will assess the first half of his or her personal leadership development plan.

Week at a Glance

Course Content

  • Watch Interpersonal Relationships Parts 4 and 5 and take notes
  • Watch Christian Worker Parts 1 and 2


  • Meet with your mentor.
  • Post a description of the information that your mentor shared with you. Include the most beneficial activity and three other important ideas.
  • Reflect upon your own leadership development as it relates to your interpersonal relationships.
  • Post a reflective summary of your own interpersonal relationship strengths and weaknesses and a plan that will promote your development as a Christian leader in a journal entry.
  • Respond to at least two other students’ posts in the forum.