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Week 2

In this week you will view sessions 4-6, taking careful notes. You will also continue to observe demonstrations of various parts of the Romans Road presentation. Be sure to practice each part before proceeding to the next session. A discussion topic is listed in the assignment section. Be sure to submit your post on the forum no later than Friday. Your response to at least two other students’ posts should be completed by Monday.

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will practice teaching the truths about the person and work of Christ as demonstrated in this module.

2. Students will practice the technique of inviting children to trust in Christ as Savior as demonstrated in this module.

3. Students will choose one of the philosophies or faulty approaches concerning child conversion as cited in the paper, Philosophy of Child Conversion and refute this view on the forum, using Scripture.

You can find the assignments for this week listed in the suggested sequence of activities in the Lesson Content box below.