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Week 10 Coursework Copy

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you can find great fulfillment when you follow Jesus’ great commission to “go into all the world” and tell the children about Him. The Bible also exhorts God’s people in Psalms 78 to tell the truths of God to their children so that they will tell their children and then they will tell their children with the result that those societies will put their confidence in God. (Verses 1-8)

You have a great opportunity and responsibility to reach children in your own community. Last week you had a great opportunity to teach an evangelistic Party Club. This week, you will reflect, discuss, and describe your real-world Party Club teaching experience in the Week 10 Forum.

As you complete this course you will learn the principles of another evangelistic outreach – Open-air Ministry. You will also learn why and how you should teach apologetics to children. We trust you have benefited from this course and will be used by God to share the Gospel in creative ways with many children!