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Section 4 Coursework Copy

Encouraging young Generation Z believers to stand strong in their faith requires intentionality. In Section 4 of this course, you will learn practical ways to engage Generation Z believers in biblical truth that strengthens their biblical worldview and helps them to grow strong in their faith. You will select and read one book from the Section 4 reading list and summarize what you learned from the book in a forum discussion post. Focus on discovering teaching strategies that might apply to the Christian Growth presentation you will develop. Your classmates will do the same, allowing you to benefit from their reading. You will want to read your book and post your summary as early as possible in Section 4, using the Section 4-A Forum so that there will be time to converse with your classmates and think about your Christian Growth presentation project. The forum rubric will provide grading details.

In Section 4, you will develop a Christian Growth presentation appropriate for sharing with Generation Z children. This presentation may be a tract, an object lesson, or a Christian growth teaching tool. Be creative! You may adapt an existing Christian growth teaching tool, but sure that your adaptations are clearly unique. After developing your Christian Growth presentation, you will use it to teach a Christian Growth principle to a saved Generation Z child or group of saved children and post a summary of your real-world teaching experience in the Section 4-B Forum.

Your assignments and activities for this section are presented in the recommended order of completion.