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Section 1 Coursework Copy

By now, you should have completed the Pre-Course Activities (you updated your profile, ordered your course materials, secured a prayer team, and completed the pre-course quiz). If there are any details that still need to be addressed, please take care of those right away! Click here if you need to review the Pre-Course Activities.

The coursework found in Section 1 will provide you with a good understanding of the characteristics of the Generation Z cohort. You will select and read one book from the Section 1 reading list and summarize what you learned from the book in a forum discussion post that is between 300-500 words. Your classmates will do the same, allowing you to benefit from their reading. You will want to read your book and post your summary early during Section 1 so that there will be time to converse with your classmates. The forum rubric will provide grading details.

The first week of this course section will include a live 30-minute Zoom chat session with your classmates and instructor. Please be prepared to bring your questions regarding the course to the chat. Because we will not be able to accommodate everyone’s schedules, the live chat is optional. A recording will be shared with everyone in the course. If you are not able to participate in the chat session, please email your questions to your instructor in advance of the chat session so that your concerns can be addressed in the chat or in an email response. Your assignments and activities for this section will be presented in the recommended order of completion.