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Scripture Memory Verse Practicum Assignment

To prepare for the Scripture Memory Verse Practicum, practice your presentation as you will give it tomorrow. Then download and complete this Practicum Preparedness Form. Be sure to save this document to your computer so you can submit it! 

You will teach as if you were an instructor in a TCE™ Level 1 Course training new teachers. You will demonstrate a Scripture verse using the five IPEAR steps. Bring the Scripture Memorization Evaluation Sheet, page 243 behind the Orange Tab with you to the practicum session. Use the other students in your groups as the “teachers” in your class. Keep the repetition method simple. Your evaluator will have extra IPEAR focus question sheets to hand out to your “teachers” during your presentation.

Refer to the Scripture Memorization Homework and Practicum Instructions

After you have practiced your Scripture Memory Verse in preparing for your practicum, save the document to your computer using the following pattern: Last name, First name. Assignment name (e.g., Andrews, Joy. SM Practicum Preparedness Completion Form). Upload this document to the course using the Assignments block below. Please submit by Wednesday at 7:30 AM Central Time.  

The grading rubric below shows how the practicum grade is determined.