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Proctor/Practicum Information Copy

Proctor Explanation
One Party Club teaching time is required as part of your Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism course requirements. This real-world teaching time will enable you to put into practice the course theory and methodology.

You will have an approved proctor attend and provide feedback about your Party Club. An observation sheet will be provided for your proctor to use to make notes regarding both the content and delivery during the entire Party Club. The proctor will then submit this observation sheet to the online instructor who will use it to assign a grade. This process parallels the process used for on-campus students and will ensure the academic integrity of the assignment for online students.

The preferred proctor will already be familiar with the teaching methods taught in the course. This knowledge will enable your proctor to provide better feedback and assistance along the way as needed. There are individuals in local areas around the world that have taken this course and could serve as proctors. The CMI Online Administrator is making contact with people near you to see if they are qualified and available to serve as your proctor. The Proctor and Party Club Chart below will provide you with your proctor’s name and contact information.

Open the chart and locate your name. If a qualified proctor was found near you, the name and contact information for the individual will be included in the chart. If no one was found nearby, you will need to secure a proctor yourself. Follow the guidelines below to locate a proctor if this is the case.

NOTE: Once a proctor is in place, you must complete the Proctor Confirmation step below. This step must be completed by all students regardless of whether the CMI Online Administrator located your proctor or whether you secured a proctor on your own.

Locating a Proctor

If a proctor could not be secured for you by the CMI Online Administrator, you will need to secure a proctor for your Party Club. As you are looking for an individual, you must ensure that they meet all of the qualifications listed below.

Proctor Qualifications:
The proctor…
-must have experience in direct ministry to children
-must hold a current leadership position in the church or other missions organization (paid or volunteer)
-must be able to attend the Party Club during Week 9 of the course
-must have regular access to email and high-speed internet in order to access files online
-must have some technical ability in order to download files and upload documents
-may not be related to the student by marriage or blood
-may not be an employee of or report directly to the student
-may not be another individual taking the course

Once you have identified an individual you think could serve as your proctor, download and print the Proctor Guidelines document below. Have the potential proctor read through it in order to ensure an understanding of the responsibilities and time commitment involved. You must have a proctor in place before the course begins.

Proctor Confirmation

Once an individual has agreed to serve as your proctor (either through conversation with the CMI Online Administrator or the student), the following steps should be followed. Steps 1-3 MUST be completed BEFORE the course begins. You are encouraged to complete the others as soon as possible.

Step 1: Contact the proctor and confirm their availability during Week 9 of the course. The Party Club may take place at any time during Week 9, but waiting until the end of the week (Saturday-Monday) will provide you with more time to prepare for the Party Club.

Step 2: Give the proctor the following Proctor Confirmation form that outlines the steps to take before the course begins. These steps include submitting a Proctor Agreement Form and creating a CMI Online user account in order to access the Proctor Course and locate needed instructions and documents for the observation. Please email the Proctor Confirmation form or print and deliver it to your proctor immediately.

Step 3: Download and complete the Student Agreement Form below. This serves as your confirmation that a proctor has been secured. Save the document on your computer, and then upload it in the Assignments block below. This form MUST be submitted BEFORE the course begins.

Step 4: Work out details with your proctor regarding the day and time for the Party Club.