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Pre-course Activities Copy

The following activities should be completed before the Leadership Essentials course begins. Each of these activities is key for your success as a student.

Activity 1: Update Profile
Please go to your profile and update any information that may have changed since the last time you took an online course.

Activity 2: Order Course Materials
Course materials must be ordered early enough for them to be delivered to you before the course begins. USA students please allow two weeks for processing and shipping time. International students, please allow four-six weeks. See the Materials tab on the course home page for more details.

Activity 3: Find a Mentor
Two meetings with a mentor are required as a part of this course. Your mentor will help you as you develop your personal leadership development plan. These meetings take place during weeks 4 and 8 of the course.
Choose an effective leader that you feel possesses three of the most important characteristics of a Christian leader. Ensure that your mentor meets all of the qualifications listed below.
The mentor…

  • must hold a current leadership position in the church or other missions organization (paid or volunteer)
  • must be able to meet with the student according to the course schedule
  • may not be related to the student by marriage or blood
  • may not be an employee of or report directly to the student
  • may not be another individual taking the course.

You must have a mentor in place before the course begins.

Activity 4: Mentor Confirmation
Once an individual has agreed to serve as a mentor, the following steps should be followed.

  1. Contact the mentor and confirm that he/she is available during weeks 4 and 8 of the course. While meetings may take place at any time during these weeks, planning the meetings early during these weeks will provide you with more time to complete the assignments associated with these meetings.
  2. Work out the details of your meeting time and place with your mentor. Details for both meetings can be determined before the course begins or for each individual meeting as the date gets closer.