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Pre-course Activities Copy

There are four activities to complete before the TCE Level 2 course begins. Each of these activities is important for you to succeed in this course.

Activity 1: Update Profile
Please go to your profile and update any information that may have changed since the last time you took an online course. It’s important that we have your current e-mail address!

Activity 2: Order Course Materials
Course materials must be ordered early enough for them to be delivered to you before the course begins. USA students please allow two weeks for processing and shipping time. International students, please allow four-six weeks. You can go to the Materials tab on the course home page for information about ordering your materials.

Activity 3: Connect with a Proctor
This course requires two practicums, providing opportunities for you to practice the skills you are learning in a controlled situation. This will prepare you for teaching children in a real-world setting. You will need a proctor to observe both of these practicums. The CMI Online administrator is in the process of locating a proctor for you. Before the course begins, you will receive an e-mail notification regarding your proctor. A Proctor Chart including your proctor’s contact information (e-mail and phone number) will be added to the Proctor/Practicum Information section of this course. If you would like to recommend a proctor, please send the potential proctor’s contact information to [email protected].

Activity 4: Locate a Real-World Teaching Assignment Location
TCE Level 2 also requires five teaching sessions with children, allowing you to put into practice the methods you have learned. Before the course begins, read the Real-World Teaching Assignment section of the course. This will provide you with information about securing a real-world teaching location. 

Note concerning Real-World teaching assignments while social distancing requirements are in place: If it is not possible for you to complete your real-world teaching assignments in a face-to-face Good News Club® setting, you have the option of teaching children online, following the guidelines found in the Good News Across the Web Online Manual.