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Pre-course Activities Copy

Pre-Course Activities
Before you begin this course, please take a moment to:

Activity 1: Update Your Profile
Please go to your profile page and update any information that may have changed since the last time you took an online course. It’s important that we have your current e-mail address!

Activity 2: Order Course Materials
Course materials must be ordered early enough for them to be delivered to you before the course begins. The books required for this course may be secured from the retailer of your choice. The books recommended for this course are listed by course section in the Course Materials section of this course. Note that you will only be required to read one book for Section 1 of the course, one book for Section 3 of the course, and one book for Section 4 of the course. The number of students permitted to read the same book is limited, so be sure to email your instructor to make your book preferences known. Your instructor will need to confirm your choice before you make your book purchase(s).

Activity 3: Secure a Prayer Team
Recognizing the urgency of understanding and ministering to Generation Z children and realizing the human limitations to effective ministry, an integral component of this course is prayer. Before the course begins, recruit a prayer team of three to five individuals who are not enrolled in this course with whom you will pray. In your time together, share some of the specific needs of children of the Generation Z cohort, asking Him to direct you to ways He can work through you to meet those needs. You will meet with your prayer team by phone, in person, or in a web-based meeting format at least one time during each of the four sections of the course. You will submit a summary of each of these meetings.

Activity 4: Complete a Pre-Course Quiz
The pre-course quiz will identify your understanding of Generation Z characteristics that you bring with you to this course. It will not count toward your course grade but serve only as a pre-course measuring tool. A similar quiz will be administered at the end of the course that will demonstrate your increased knowledge. The end of course quiz grade will be factored into your final course grade.