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IOT Continuing Education Training Sessions

The videos and resources found in this section are designed to address areas that often need to be strengthened in our TCE courses and to keep you up to date on the many resources available to you as an IOT.

As you view the videos, look for helps that you can put into practice in your training ministry. Look for ways to implement these ideas to build stronger training classes and to encourage your students.

If you are taking this course to maintain or renew your Instructor of Teachers (IOT) credential, you must watch all of the videos in this section and view the extra helps and resources.

Click here to access the free resources in The Toolbox!

Instructions to download: When you follow the BOX link provided above, click on the resource you would like to access. If you would like to download that resource, click on the Download button found on the top-right side of the page. (You do not need to Log in or Sign up).

If you have any questions after viewing this section, please feel free to contact the TCE Program Director at [email protected].

After watching a class session, click the “Mark Complete” button below the video to keep track of progress!