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Grading Policies and Information

General Grading and Evaluation Policies
The Children’s Ministries Institute is designed to offer personalized attention to you as a student in order to enhance your future effectiveness as a Christian leader. You are encouraged to strive for excellence in every aspect of your training so as to bring honor to the Lord and to develop to your fullest potential. Therefore, all written assignments and practicums must be submitted on time and each assignment will be graded according to the evaluation criteria set up for the course.

The following policies related to course grading and evaluation are found in your student handbook. Please refer to that document for further explanation or contact your online instructor with any questions.

CMI consistently evaluates all policies, procedures, content, instructors, and the delivery system. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about issues or concerns through surveys or personal communication.

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 Course Grading
Each week, there will be course content delivered by video as well as activities and assignments that must be completed. The course content and activities are designed to provide the information needed to complete the assignments. All assignments will be graded.

Some assignments (worksheets, etc.) will be graded with a pass/fail grade. If the work is acceptable and completed on time, then a pass grade will be earned. If an assignment does not receive a passing grade, you will be given the opportunity to redo the assignment. Forum, Quiz, and Practicum assignments earn points that determine the final course grade. All assignments MUST BE COMPLETED in order to pass the course.

It is expected that all assignments, including forum posts, be submitted on time. Failure to post forum items on time affects not only you but also your classmates and their learning. Therefore, late forum posts will negatively affect your grade. Please see the downloadable forum grading rubric below for details. 

Failure to submit any other assignment on time will also negatively affect your grade. In the case of an emergency or other extenuating circumstance, students should contact their online instructor and make arrangements for late submission of an assignment before the assignment due date. 

All assignments must be posted or submitted by midnight Central Time of the day the assignment is due. In cases where the student consistently misses assignment due dates, the student may be withdrawn from the class without remuneration.

Final Course Grade
The final grade for this course will be based on a 1,000 point scale. Each assignment is weighted based on the percentage of this total grade.

AssignmentPercentagePoint Value
Forums (10)10%100
Quick Quizzes (2)5%50
Written Assignments (8)20%200
Missions Practicum15%150
Bible Lesson Practicum25%250
Real-world Teaching Sessions (5)25%250

CMI Grading Scale